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At CK la Quinta, physiotherapy does not only have a rehabilitative task. In addition, from this area we work those skills that allow our residents to preserve the basic functions for the development of daily life, and therefore their personal autonomy.

The most common causes of the loss of functional abilities in older people is inactivity or immobility, which can lead to a disease that prevents them from moving during a certain period of time, such as bone fractures or fissures, or vascular accidents, among others. The work of our health professionals and our physiotherapy team involves avoiding that these temporary circumstances condition the future of our residents.

We aim to achieve a better quality of life for our residents, implementing a strategy in which we alternate physical exercise with a correct diet and a mental state where pleasure and relaxation prevail, in short, favoring a better physical integrity. Our intent is to help you preserve, improve and enhance fitness, to allow the basic activities as independently as possible.

The possibility of being assisted 24 hours a day by a team of professionals is priceless. This is one of the greatest advantages you will enjoy as a resident.


Conserve, improve and strengthen individual skills to tackle the basic activities of daily life in the most independent way possible.